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Type of business Aluminum&PVC window machines and Insulating Glass Machines
Number of Employees 300
Annual sales 20000000USD
Established in 2003
  • Jinan Parker Machinery Co.,LTD

Parker Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of well-known corporations in the world for developing and supplying the equipments of Windows&Doors, Curtain Walls, and Insulating Glass (double glass).

We mainly provide:

1.Equipment for Aluminum Door and Window.

Alu-alloy Profile Double Head Saw, Alu-alloy Layerage Cutting Saw, Alu-alloy Conjoint Block Cutting Saw, Alu-door-window Corner Crimping Machine, Alu-alloy End Milling Machine, Alu-alloy Three Hole Drilling Machine, Alu-alloy Copy Router, Alu-alloy Punching Machine, etc.

2.Equipment for PVC Door and Window

PVC Door-Window Welding/Cleaning Produce Line, Door-Window Welding Machine, Alu-PVC Profile Double Head Cutting Saw, Alu-PVC Profile Cutting Saw, PVC Door-Window Glazing Bead Saw, PVC Door-Window Mullion Saw, Alu-PVC Profile Routing Machine, PVC Door-Window Corner Cleaning Machine, etc.

3.Curtain Wall Processing Machines

Aluminum Curtain Wall Drilling-Milling Processing Center, etc.

4. Equipment for Insulating Glass

Insulating Glass Produce Line, Rectilinear Glass Cutting Machine, Coating Machine, Filling Machine, etc.

Quality & Service

As "Parker is developing with the world" for the concept of development, Parker has been a leading brand in the same industry. At the beginning of the established time, Parker has aimed the product and business development at a level of worldwide and highly standard. As the whole series of insulating glass processing equipment have passed the European CE certification, Parker is the only enterprise that wins the honor. Through the introduction of some international standards management such as ISO9001, 9002 and TS16949, the strictly control over products quality, and the improvement of after-sales service and technical support, Parker has gradually won the recognition of our customers and the market. Nowadays, Parker has been one of the fastest growing brands in this industry.

Product & Technology

Through deeply research and development, international procurement of the key components and technology, Parker has greatly improved the performance of their products, and realized the international service truly. Furthermore, Parker has established a close partnership with Schneider, Mitsubishi CNC, Omron, and Siemens. At present, some of Parker's products are at the absolute leading position inChina, and have reached the advanced level in the world. Moreover, Parker's solar energy photovoltaic equipment are also adopted by many domestic solar energy enterprises.


In order to achieve diversification of industrial strategy, Parker has built CNC machine industrial park in Qihe Economic Development Zone in Shandong province, which covers an area of nearly seventy thousand square meters. The industrial park will become Parker's new center for manufacturing, research & development and training. Through the integrated output of technology, products and talents, Parker will provide comprehensive technical support and services to the customers all over the world, and have the strategic objectives that make Parker become a world-renowned brand to come true.


Currently, our company owns nearly 300 people; including nearly 30 senior technical staff .With two CNC technology development centers influential in the industry. We have already set up 18 sales and service centers inChina. In addition, we have also established some branches in the UAE,South Korea,IndiaandRussia. Parker is now providing quality products and technical services to customers in more than 40 countries around the world. In the year of 2010 our sales amount is about 20million dollars. 

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