Aluminum window door making machines

How to maintain the equipment in winter?


1.If new saw blades are replaced, spray them with diesel or kerosene. Keep in mind that cold oil spray with water, this operation not only cause the normal operation of the equipment, but also affect the service life of the saw blade. 

2.In winter, the equipment should be kept clean, guide rail and various parts of the movement should be lubricated. 

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3.Air pump pressure period easy to store water, workshop low air temperature is easy to freeze. Must be waterproof once a day,ensuring no moisture, no ice. 

4.Pay attention to timely cleaning equipment fuselage aluminum chip, especially fuselage guideway, numerical control box and operation box. If the aluminum chip block is formed, it will easily affect the cutting accuracy. 

5.Pneumatic equipment should be operated 10-20 minutes ahead of time. 

6.Hydraulic equipment should preheat hydraulic oil and perform operation in advance. 

7.Windows and doors machine working table and walking guide to keep clean, pay attention to daily cleaning and oil maintenance. 

8.If the stop time of CNC equipment is too long, please keep the power on every half month, and the time is not less than 1 hour. 

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9. The spindle must be preheated before working in PARKER Machining Center. After 20 minutes of running the spindle at low speed,the high speed will continue to run for 20 minutes, and then the operation will begin. 

10.Water cooling equipment of PARKER Machining Center should pay attention to antifreeze, the main shaft coolant should replace the special cooling oil according to the local temperature.

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