Research-Development of industrial aluminum machine

Research-Development of industrial aluminum machine and port transportation

From production experience, we know that if the equipment is well maintained, it will not break down.We should reflect on the cause of failure, take measures to prevent the main.In the process of using the equipment, the goal of maintenance technicians is to achieve zero fault of the equipment.


To improve the design

Improve the design and control the failure from the source.Some faults can be eliminated by improving the design. This paper analyzes and summarizes such faults, proposes solutions, and takes reasonable measures to control them from the source, so as to achieve maintenance-free effect.

Moreover, some design improvements, but also can significantly improve the efficiency of equipment, such as the following video in the parker machine dual-head processing center, which is applied to a variety of industrial aluminum processing, is equipped with a mechanical arm to complete, the production efficiency to achieve a large double.

machine center

Identify potential faults

To find out the potential faults of the equipment, it is necessary to have technicians who are proficient in the equipment and know when and where the problems will occur.If there are 20 sets of equipment in a factory, all of which have a service life of 10 years, and the bearings of 3 sets of equipment are damaged, it can be judged that the bearings of the other 17 sets of equipment have reached the service life and need to be replaced in advance to eliminate the potential failure.


Strengthen operator training.

Through training, improve the quality of operators and maintenance personnel, improve the reliability of people, reduce the fault caused by human error.


  • Strengthen prevention and predictive maintenance

  • Strengthen the spot inspection of the equipment, and find out the potential faults of the equipment in advance through the spot inspection. For example, regularly carry out spot inspection of the transmission system inside the equipment box. When the screws and nuts are found to be loose, measures can be taken in advance to eliminate the hidden dangers of the equipment in the bud.

  • With the rapid development of industrial Internet of things technology (IIOT), predictive maintenance is more advanced than preventive maintenance because corrective actions are closely related to the actual conditions of the machine.

machine center

                            4 Axis Aluminum Profile Machining Center CNC

The goal is not to replace a component prematurely -- while it's still in good condition -- but to repair it when it's really needed.It's like providing maintenance to a car based on level or belt thickness, not mileage.

Adopt advanced technical means to monitor the condition of the equipment, in view of the deterioration degree of the equipment, before the failure, timely preventive maintenance, troubleshooting hidden trouble, restore the precision of the equipment.

Improvement of management

Improve equipment maintenance level by improving management.The core of equipment management is to achieve the goal of production and operation, improve the comprehensive efficiency of equipment, and pursue the life cycle cost economy.According to the characteristics of enterprise equipment, formulate equipment management system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise to improve the level of equipment maintenance.For example, according to different equipment, adopt post maintenance mode or preventive maintenance mode, or formulate the point inspection mode in line with the actual situation of the enterprise.


                                                                 Heavy Duty Machine Center

Zero failure of equipment does not mean no failure of equipment, but means no failure of equipment in production time, and maintenance technicians eliminate the failure of equipment in the bud through technical means in non-production time.

As industrial aluminum processing people, let us work together!Good production, to ensure the interests of customers and enterprises!

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