Curtain wall cutting saw machine from Parker

Curtain wall cutting saw machine from Parker

    Parker machine as an important member of the door and window curtain wall processing equipment industry, the research and development of manufacturing equipment has been based on customer demand.Whether it is sawing equipment, Angle equipment, drilling and milling equipment, or processing center.Today we have a look, parker machine aluminum doors and Windows processing equipment family "a dark horse."

cutting saw

   This equipment is our company independent research and development of aluminum doors and Windows, curtain wall sawing and processing equipment.Wide processing range, used for cutting and blanking industrial aluminum profiles and curtain wall profiles.High processing efficiency, suitable for large-scale production.This machine is used for cutting aluminum alloy door and window profiles with fixed length.

So what are the features of this device?

cutting machine            Cutting Angle: 15°-165°   curtain wall Cutting length:max5500mm    min590mm

cutting sawHigh processing efficiency,Suitable for large-scale production.cutting machineUsing CNC technology, different specifications of the profile can                                                                  achieve automatic size cutting.

curtain wallSecurity,Safety protection Settings are complete.

How about knowing the technical parametersIs it getting closer to your ideal "it"?Don't worry, let's take a look at the details and product presentation

cutting saw

cutting machine

Simple atmosphere appearance, rigorous and orderly inside

No trappings of red tape

While ensuring the safety of users, it also speeds up the work efficiency.

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