Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows how to distinguish the true and false

Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows how to distinguish the true and false

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The stand or fall of quality of window of window of broken bridge aluminium depends on to install the aluminium horn code that is in group Angle of broken bridge aluminium window and hardware, building materials market, look like the same broken bridge aluminium door window, the price differs some nearly amount to 100 yuan, can the price below same material differ so much really?Parker for you to introduce the following methods to identify the real and fake broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows.

1.Perpetrate a fraud

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation strips (PVC insulation strips), a low-cost, general-purpose plastic for non-structural materials, are used to replace the glass fiber reinforced polyamide nylon (PA66) insulation strips (nylon 66), which have been widely accepted in Europe for decades.

Due to the linear expansion coefficient of PVC (5-8.3 * 10 k - 1) and the linear expansion coefficient of aluminium alloy (5-2.35 * 10 k - 1)) is far, and its low strength (about 30 n/was only), poor heat resistance (80 ℃), the anti-aging, many defects lead to poor performance with PVC insulation broken bridge made of aluminum and after wearing a composite heat insulation doors and Windows in the actual installation after use due to the reason of heat bilges cold shrink can cause PVC insulation within the broken bridge aluminum to loosen, even completely out of light in form of loose, deformation, and destruction of doors and Windows, air tightness and water tightnessHeavy will cause the form to be loose and detached as a whole.

2. Try to deceive everybody

In the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows engineering example in article 66 enterprises with imported nylon insulation insulation window to bid, the winning again after article use PVC insulation or domestic nylon insulation to actual processing or imported nylon 66 blended with PVC or other heat insulation, and will import nylon 66 article insulation are trademarks of the face, in order to "prove" "the quality grade of identity" of the article insulation used.This kind of "conceal the world" have very strong concealment sex, owner of project of door window of window of aluminium of broken bridge is in only before profile has not undertake processing ability undertakes identifying, because only right now two heat insulation strip are identifiable.

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3.make a profit in troubled situation

Insulation strip material is the basis of the quality of insulation doors and Windows guarantee, but is by no means the only guarantee.In 2003, domestic nylon heat insulation strip began to appear on the market. In order to reduce the cost, domestic nylon heat insulation strip adopts general mineral material (commonly known as filler) to completely or partially replace glass fiber to fill polyamide nylon for processing and production.The heat insulation strip can not be compared with the glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 heat insulation strip in mechanical strength, heat resistance, aging resistance and other aspects.And because the national construction with "heat insulation strip" industry standard is still in the final approval process, so the domestic nylon heat insulation strip with its nylon and general mineral mixture made of injection parts for related performance testing, and the results of the test report as its finished heat insulation strip performance testing report.The testing data of this raw material can only represent its material performance, which will be greatly changed after the processing process of hot extrusion and cooling.

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4. Free riding

Some broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows enterprise in research, fully grasp the PVC insulation, domestic nylon insulation and imported nylon 66 article insulation after the performance of the large difference between the three adopted a compromise that both economy and relative insurance: aluminum window frames with low-quality cheap PVC or domestic nylon insulation, casement aluminum using high quality imported nylon 66 article insulation.They think: window frame aluminum profile is fixed on the wall, even if there is a quality risk will not be a big problem, and the window sash aluminum profile is mobile and is a separate load bearing, so can not and dare not have a quality risk.

In summary, we can see that in the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows special insulation strip industry standard has not been issued before, the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows market appeared a worrying phenomenon, and the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows project owners of the new technology of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows is not comprehensive enough, not deep enough is the main reason for these phenomena.But we should appeal to door window the person of insight of industry more with objective scientific attitude, with regard to product quality the state that is lifeblood, with the professional morality that is responsible to consumer make this unordered competition rises as early as possible standard.The professional attitude of being responsible for the quality of products and the quality of people's life is the principle of building a company. Otherwise, even if relevant standards are issued, it will be in vain. The establishment of standards is to check the quality of products

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5.Hold a post without qualifications

Some broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows in the study of people's psychology, people only care about the insulation of the material quality, and rarely consider the alloy quality of two layers of aluminum alloy, some enterprises with substandard aluminum alloy to do heat insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, cause window sash, window frame group Angle is not strict, doors and Windows heat insulation insulation.So not only heat insulation has the cent of quality stand or fall, its aluminium alloy also wants to see its hardness, intensity.

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There are also differences between electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating on the profile surface. The former is a physical change, while the latter is a chemical change.Electrophoretic technology was first applied to automotive primers by ford motor company in the 1960s.Due to its excellent fadeless and anticorrosive functions, it was soon widely used in the military industry.Only in recent years has it been applied to the surface treatment of doors and Windows.Because of its excellent quality and high environmental protection, it is gradually replacing traditional paint spraying.Electrodeposition is a process in which charged paint ions move to the cathode and interact with the cathode surface to form insoluble substances.

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