4 Axis CNC machining center DMCC82

High speed machining center for aluminum profiles

It is suitable for industrial aluminum alloy profile, doors and Windows, curtain wall aluminum alloy profile circular hole, slot hole, lock hole, profiled hole and aluminum profile milling, chamfering, plane carving and other processes.

It contains eight knives

Not only has the invention patent, makes the eight knife base more beautiful, stable and accurate, but also can realize the fast change of knife.

To user needs, achieve fast and stable knife change, time-saving and efficient.

Four axis linkage

With four axis linkage and interpolation technology, it can process circular pipe materials and realize arc cutting.

The original HSD motorized spindle in Italy provides a safer and more efficient escort for users' processing.

Arbitrary Angle cutting

For the processing of any Angle, no matter it is single processing or multiple cycles, it can be set freely to improve the efficiency.

Double positioning is optional, the user can process two pieces of workpiece at a time, not only that, the ultra-long workpiece is not a problem

Appearance integration design, to meet user needs

"The world's fastest machining center" not only has the design patent, but also more user-friendly configuration.All from the user's perspective, add recognition DWG documents, equipped with special CAD-CAM software, to meet the needs of more users.

The fastest in the industry

X axis moving speed up to 100000mm/min

The Y-axis moving speed is up to 80000mm/min

The z-axis moving speed is up to 60000mm/min

This speed is worthy of being called:

"The fastest processing center in the world

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